sábado, 16 de marzo de 2013


I´m triying to keep my blog in both languages, Spanish and English, but lately I´ve been (and I´ll be) very busy because I need to prepare my public examinations in order to become a civil servant teacher.

As you can imagine, translating the blog requires twice the time (even more for me, who have to think how to write correctly and have many doubts about the right expressions and grammar -sometimes when I finish writing I find myself sweating XP-)

I´m using this double language form because it helps me to improve my writting skills (I hope) and I would like to share my work and my illussion with the most people I can reach, but sadly, I´ll write much less now in English. I hope you´ll understand.

Nevertheless, I´ll try keeping some posts translated, or at least part of them.

Thank you for understanding.